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campus life

Rochester photographer Dean Riggott’s images have been used by colleges and universities nationwide to illustrate campus life in their annual reports, marketing brochures, college view books and web sites.

Documenting life on today’s college campus is a treat for Dean. "Spending two or three days roaming a college campus is my dream job. I can't even tell you how fun it is doing this type of work and I like to think my passion for the subject matter is apparent in my work. I would do this every week if I could!"

Collaborating with advertising agencies, like SWP Agency in Minneapolis, Dean shoots for Bethel University in St. Paul, Grove City College in Pennsylvania and St. John's Seminary in St Cloud, Minnesota. Dean also shoots for Northwestern College in St Paul, Minn. and Capella University, based in Minneapolis.

While on campus, Dean documents everything from college students playing guitar in their dorm rooms, students working in labs and students studying in the alcoves to shooting environmental portraits, campus architecture and picturesque scenic images.

One of the reasons Dean is sought after to work on college campuses is his ability to work independently and with very little guidance.

Using state-of-art digital equipment, Dean captures some of his most compelling images while roaming around the campus and "living" amongst the students.

Dean knows how important it is to communicate an institution’s brand through compelling images. He always strives to capture the qualities and characteristics that make each campus distinct. His photographs give students and faculty alike the opportunity to enhance their campus’ image.

We've been blessed by Dean's visits to campus twice in the past few years and it's very likely we'll use him again. He has a personable and laid-back demeanor, but do not mistake that for lack of professionalism. The images are stunningly warm and reflective of the ambiance of Dordt College. This guy has been doing this stuff for over two decades; he's learned a thing or two over the years. Trust me. And most importantly, trust him!

Jamin Ver VeldeDordt College Creative Director

The relationships Dean develops with his clients, his artistic vision and his technical expertise allow him to capture the work you see here in the Campus Life gallery. To talk with Dean about a project on your campus, please send an e-mail or call him at one of the phone numbers provided on the contact page.