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Professional photographs crafted for corporate branding are among the specialties of Dean Riggott Photography, based in Rochester, Minnesota.

Corporate photographer Dean Riggott’s images grace annual reports, business plans and proposals, marketing brochures, college view books and web sites.

Dean’s distinctive, corporate photography provides business-to-business image solutions for a long and loyal nationwide customer base, including Cambria, Mayo Clinic, Midwest Dairy Association, Northwestern College, Pfizer and Seneca Foods.

Whether you’re a small independent business or a Fortune 500 company, Dean knows how important it is to communicate your corporate brand through compelling images.

He always strives to capture the qualities and characteristics that make you and your business distinct. He gives you a chance to stand out, a chance to enhance your image, your company and its strategic goals.

A former newspaper photojournalist, Dean is accustomed to meeting tight deadlines. Shooting on location and using state-of-the-art digital equipment, Dean is able to show the client results within seconds. This, and Dean’s ability to find interesting angles and create unique lighting, have contributed to his reputation as one of the most creative and versatile photographers in the area.

For several years Dean has taken the law firm photographs we use in our print and webpage marketing. He is clever, creative, fun and easy to work with. He will give good advice, and also listen and take into account the distinct personalities and preferences our attorney staff want to express with their images.

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To discuss a project with Dean, get an estimate for a specific shoot, or check on Dean’s availability, please send an e-mail or call him at one of the numbers on the contact page.