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food photography

Rochester, Minnesota-based commercial photographer Dean Riggott shoots on location to provide his culinary clients with beautiful and flattering images showcasing their food items. Dean combines his professional experience and photographic knowledge with today's technology to create lasting images for restaurants, pubs, deli's, cafe's, taverns and catering businesses. His work is frequently used by advertising agencies and magazines, as well as in brochures, mailings, web sites and even billboards.

Shooting primarily in the Minnesota cities of Rochester, St Paul, Minneapolis and Mankato, as well as LaCrosse, WI, Dean is available to travel to any location. Clients, including Prescott's, Chester's, Newt's, City Cafe, City Market Deli and Whiskey Creek in Rochester, as well as Tav on the Ave, Pub 500 and Neighbor's in Mankato, Minnesota, have come to rely on Dean's artistic vision to create distinctive images for marketing and promotional purposes.

Using state-of-the-art digital equipment, Dean can provide immediate turnaround of ultra-high resolution images for immediate evaluation and use from his on-site shoots. Dean has access to fully operational kitchens and studios and works hand-in-hand with a professional food stylist when needed or requested. His ability to find interesting angles and create unique lighting is illustrated in the samples of his work included in this portfolio.

Dean is one of the most experienced and talented photographers that I have worked with. Beyond his technical expertise and keen aesthetic sense he thinks and delivers beyond the scope of the project. He has a natural instinct for capturing food dishes in striking compositions. Most importantly, from the perspective of an art director, I appreciate collaborating with down-to-earth, passionate and curious people. Dean is one of them!

Lori GerdtsIn Food Marketing & Design

To discuss a project with Dean, get an estimate for a specific shoot, or check on Dean’s availability, please send an e-mail or call him at one of the numbers on the contact page.